GPS Directory

General GPS Student Support Inquiries

Technical Support

Student Success Coach

Phone: 877-431-9610 ext. 6009

Financial Aid

Phone: 1-877-431-9610 ext. 4520




Phone: 740-397-3000 ext. 4240 (Circulation Desk)


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GPS Phone Directory

To reach a department by phone, dial 877-431-9610 and the extension below.

For questions regarding Moodle or textbooks:

  • Graduate Business, Ministry: Judy Clevenger, Senior Academic Services Specialist
    • Email:
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4705
  • General Studies, Public Safety Admin, Undergraduate Business: Libby Rood, Academic Services Specialist
    • Email
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4709
  • Education, Nursing, Social Work: Eric Brown, Academic Services Specialist
    • Email:
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4711

For questions regarding class scheduling, adding or dropping courses, transcript evaluations, etc.

  • Academic Advising (all programs): ext. 2017

‪For specific questions regarding your financial aid:

  • Business Programs: ext. 4525
  • Social Work, Nursing: ext. 4526
  • Education Programs and Workshops, Ministry: ext. 4524
  • Veterans Benefits: ext. 4521

GPS Sites

  • New Albany: 877-431-9610 Ext 6000
  • Mansfield: 877-431-9610 Ext 6100
  • Newark: 877-431-9610 Ext 6200
  • Downtown Mount Vernon Hunter/Buchwald: 877-431-9610 ext. 4700

GPS Program Coordinators

General Studies

Dr. Yvonne Schultz
Dr. Yvonne Schultz

Business & Public Safety

Dr. Jim Dalton
Dr. Jim Dalton


Michael VanZant
Dr. Michael VanZant

Computer Science

Dr. Robert Kasper
Dr. Robert Kasper


Jessica Grubaugh MAEd
Jessica Grubaugh MAEd


Judy Gregg, RN, MS
Judy Gregg, RN, MS

Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Dr. Kevin Hughes
Dr. Kevin Hughes

Social Work

Jean Ollis, LISW-S, MSW
Jean Ollis, LISW-S, MSW