FAQ & How-To

Attendance & Grading

I would like to be absent from class. Will my absence be excused?

Students should contact their course instructor to discuss attendance concerns for a particular course. Please also see the following policies:

I am struggling or concerned about a failing grade. How can I get help?

Because a great deal of your academic success depends on the degree to which you take responsibility for your own education, it is imperative that you quickly react to any obstacles whenever they arise (e.g. excessive absences, challenges with completing coursework, tutoring needs).

If you are experiencing difficulties, be sure to seek the advice of your professors. It is important to get help early to avoid any adverse effects to your academic progress. You can also contact the Student Success Coach, who is available for advice, encouragement, guidance, or mentoring as you navigate through your program.

The Student Success Coach can be reached by phone at 877-431-9610 (ext. 6009) or email to GPS.AcademicSuccess@mvnu.edu.

When can I expect to receive my grade for a recent assignment?

Instructors will post grades in Moodle when they have completed their review of individual assignments. If you do not see an anticipated grade or have questions about your feedback, please contact your instructor. Here is a brief video that explains how to find your grades: Moodle Basics for Student Grades.

  • For in-seat courses, instructors are asked to have all work completed by the time the group next meets for class.
  • For online courses, instructors are asked to have all work for the previous week graded by no later than Thursday of the following week. Instructors are asked to submit final grades within 7 days of the end of the course.

Textbook / Course Materials

Bookstore Orientation

Everything you need to know about MVNU’s Online Bookstore is here.

Textbook FAQ

Search the online textbook helpdesk for help with placing orders, accessing digital resources, and more!

Quick Order Guide

How to order textbooks through eCampus.com for GPS Students

How do I order my textbooks or find out information (title, ISBN, etc.) to purchase elsewhere?

Important instructions about obtaining books through The MVNU Online bookstore can be accessed via the “Resources” link at the top of your Moodle site, as well as through the MVNU portal (Menu > GPS Student Resources > Academic Resources > Quick Links). You can also click here to view detailed instructions for ordering textbooks for each of your upcoming GPS courses.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you purchase your textbooks and any other course materials at least 3 weeks before the start of your course(s) in order to ensure timely delivery.

Schedule & Transcript

How do I schedule or change my courses?

I want to drop a course. What are the ramifications?

What classes do I have remaining to graduate?

Where can I get an official copy of my most recent grade?

Your academic advisor is here to assist you with:

    • changes to your schedule
    • registering  for upcoming courses
    • official grade reports
    • completion timelines
    • dropping an upcoming course*

*Please note that courses must be dropped prior to the course start date.

  • Audits & Scheduling for AAGS, BBA/BA; Prior Learning Assess: Jay Mahan
    • Title: Assistant Registrar for GPS
    • Email: Jay.Mahan@mvnu.edu
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4724

  • Scheduling for Graduate Programs: Sandy Helman
    • Title: Senior Academic Advisor
    • Email: Sandy.Helman@mvnu.edu
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4710

  • Audits & Scheduling for Undergraduate Nursing, Social Work, and Elementary Education: Jane Mikulec
    • Title: Academic Advisor
    • Email: Jane.Mikulec@mvnu.edu
    • 877.431.9610 ext. 4719

Where can I view a list of the remaining courses on my schedule?

You can find your schedule in the MVNU Portal.

  • Login to portal.mvnu.edu
  • Under the Self-Service Menu, select Webadvisor for Students > Academic Profile > My Class Schedule.

How can I request an official copy of my transcript?

Are there scheduled breaks for my online program?

You can view all scheduled breaks by program at the following link: Course breaks.

Financial Aid

Who do I contact for financial aid questions?

See the Student Financial Aid Staff Website for a full listing by program.

Spiritual Care

Who do I contact if I have faith related questions or need to request prayer?

MVNU will support you in the tough times and celebrate with you in the joyous times. Faculty, staff, and students can share prayer requests and praises by sending them to campusministries@mvnu.edu.


I need help with a question about Moodle. Who should I reach out to?

After you log into Moodle, you should see your courses listed on the ‘My Home’ tab, or a link to ‘My Courses’. Your courses should appear in the list approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the course start date. If you do not see the course within 1 week of the start date, please contact the Academic Service Specialist for your specific program area by calling 877-431-9610.

  • Business or Master of Ministry (ext. 4705)
  • Gen. Ed., Nursing, Public Safety Administration, Computer Science, or Software Design (ext. 4709)
  • Education, Social Work, or Biblical Studies (ext. 4711)